save money by saving water

The Smarter Drop is our campaign to make Newmarket the water saving capital of the UK.
Our big goal is to get every household in Newmarket to reduce their water usage to 80 litres per person, per day, helping each save up to £120 per year*
We’re bringing all of our newest and shiniest tools, technologies, tips and tricks to this great town, for you to try first.

But it’s not just about smart technology, it starts with making smarter choices.
*Based on a household of four reducing their water usage to around 80litres per person per day.

No more money down the drain

We know the people of Newmarket are some of the savviest savers in the UK. That’s why the Smarter Drop is as much about you as it is about us. We want to bring you our latest products, but we also want to save you money.

80 litres a day is the Newmarket way


What kind of water saver are you?

In the coming months we’ll be mailing every customer to let them know if they are an A, B or C water saver.

This is the start of your challenge to lead the way and get to an A. You’ll save money off your bill and if that’s not enough there will also be big prizes for the first households to become A-rated.

Saving water doesn’t just mean money off your water bills. If you are more careful with your water use you’ll see the pounds fall off your energy bills too!
  • 80-100 litres per person, per day

  • 100-130 litres per person, per day

  • 130+ litres per person, per day.

Discover ways to save

Are you ready to save money by saving water? Here’s five tips to get you started.

Shorter Showers 

Showering for 10 minutes uses around 100 litres of water so try to keep it breezy - ideally down to 3-4 minutes! You can also turn off the water while you lather up and back on when you need to rinse!

bath time

A relaxing bath is fine every once in a while but as a full bath holds around 80litres of water try filling it only two-thirds full, instead of to the rim! More than 3x full baths a week can add £50 to your water and energy bills each year.

If it’s yellow, let it mellow

Ok, we’re not expecting everyone to do it every time, but each time you skip a flush you save 6-9 litres.

Grab a bucket

If you have a car, try washing it with 5 buckets or less. Using a hosepipe for just 15 minutes equates to 30 buckets of water.

Switch to ECO

Using a dishwasher actually uses less water than washing up by hand. But try to use the ECO setting and only wash full loads.

reuse your water

Save cash by collecting rain water for your plants - or even re-using old water from the sink!

don't leave the tap running

When you leave the tap running you lose 6 litres of water per minute and get nothing in return. You wouldn’t watch money going down the drain would you?

fix that dripping tap

Dripping taps are just money running down the drain. If your tap dripped every second, all day, it would waste around 17 litres in just 24hours! That’s over 6000 litres and around £30 a year. And what if more than one tap is dripping?!

Smart people are saving

The people of Newmarket are some of the savviest savers in the UK.

Why newmarket?

It’s dry in East Anglia. We get 1/3 less rain than the rest of the country and have a changing climate. Plus Cambridge and the surrounding areas are among the fastest growing in the country. 

In a future with more people and fewer raindrops it’s important to make sure there’s enough water to go round, whatever the weather.

Thanks to Newmarket’s ideal water infrastructure, we’ve chosen this great town to make water services smarter for generations to come.

Over the next 12 months, we are going to bring amazing innovations to Newmarket – sharing the best new ideas and helping make water services smarter (and save customers’ cash) for generations to come. Newmarket will become the shop window for all our new products and services.

our progress

If every household reduced their water usage to 80 litres per person, per day, it would mean a 10% decrease for the town of Newmarket. Check how we’re doing against our big goal here.